June 24, 2013

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June 22, 2013

Six months!

Dear Rowan,
Oh sweet boy! You are such a joy. You have the cutest personality and it is so much fun to interact and play with you. You and Daddy love to play together and you love it when he throws you up in the air. You smile and giggle and look over at me to make sure I'm watching too. You could not be any sweeter. I can't believe you are six months (actually a week from seven since I'm late to post this). You are growing up by leaps and bounds and I hold my little boy a little tighter each months because time is passing by too quickly. We adore you baby boy!

You are loving being able to move around. A day or two after you turned five months you started rolling tummy to back so now you can do both ways. Hooray! You also started working on sitting up and you're so close - you just topple when you reach for something. You absolutely love to play now! You love balls, and anything that rattles or lights up. You also started playing in your exersaucer and it's so cute how you constantly look over to me to make sure I'm watching you. You look so proud as you play and jump around. You still love your toes and especially pulling your socks off. It's too cute!

You traveled to Daddy's home town, Traverse City, MI, for the first time this past month. It was a long day of travel and you did so well on both flights. You had a fun time while in Michigan and got to visit the Sand Dunes. Daddy put you in the Ergo and took you up to the top. You loved looking around. You also got to visit your great-grandparents for the first time and got to visit with them several times while we were there. Unfortunately you came down with a stomach bug while in Michigan. We had to take you to Urgent Care and to a pediatrician because you weren't getting better, but you were a trooper. You were still your happy self, still smiling and laughing. They aren't sure if it was a bug or something I ate that got passed to you through nursing that upset your tummy, but finally you got better once we got home to Florida. You were such a a good boy on our trip!

Also, this past month you started sleeping through the night on a nightly basis, as in consistently every night! Yay! You were going to sleep at 8:00 and would sleep until 7:00 or so, which was wonderful. Although while in Michigan you started a new trend of waking up anywhere between 5 and 6:30, but that's ok. We were so proud of you! Being able to roll both ways certainly helped. Also, playing a lot more and being more active!

Likes: singing songs together, reading books, rattles and toys with lights and music, your ball, snuggling together, playing in the exersaucer, grabbing our hair and face

Dislikes: Getting ready for nap time, sitting still for too long, clothes going over the head

Milestones: rolling from tummy to back (right at 5 months), sleeping through the night consistently

Monthly stats -
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 18 pounds 15 ounces
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6 months, 6-9 months
Nicknames: Bugaboo, Row row, Row boat, baby bug, big boy

You are so precious to us and we love you so much. Happy half birthday sweet Rowan!
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