September 20, 2013

Nine months!

Dear Rowan,
You are nine months old! It's hard to believe you've been with us on the outside for as long as you were inside my tummy. I can't even believe how fast time keeps flying! I love seeing you grow, but at the same time I want to keep you my little baby forever. You continue to amaze us with all the new skills you accomplish and you are so active and fun. Your smile and giggles continue to melt my heart and I hope you'll always be as happy as you are now.

You are quite the active little boy now! You crawl all around, but you especially love to be standing. You pull up on everything and cruise all around the furniture. You are so quick and very steady on your feet. You let go at times, and can stand a few seconds on your own, but don't have the balance quite yet. You also love for us to walk you around while holding your hands. One of the best parts of this month was when you taught yourself how to get down from standing. Hooray! It's so cute to see you hold on with one arm and then crouch down and crawl away. You still love to explore! You continue to babble and it's just so cute. I love to hear your little voice! Playing with toys is your favorite and you sort through your toy box to find what you want. You also love standing at your Leap Frog learning table and playing. Bath time is also a big hit and you love sitting in the big tub with your bath toys. 

Solid foods are still hit or miss with you. Some weeks you want to eat them and some weeks you don't. I think it's because you are teething and you just don't feel like eating. That's ok, we keep trying! You do like fruit and puffs and toast and some veggies and you love drinking water in your straw cup. You are still not sleeping well this month thanks to those teeth and have been waking up a couple times a night or sleeping until 5. You like to be rocked back to sleep or fed when you wake up during the night. Once these teeth are through we'll get your sleep back to normal. And speaking of teeth, you have four teeth coming in all at once on top! Two have just cut through and the other two are almost through. You are such a trooper! You look like such a big boy now with all those teeth. 

In the past month, you got two new cousins. Aunt Julie, Uncle Jon and Elliot welcomed baby Harvey and Uncle Christian and Aunt Jackie welcomed baby Micaley. You now have three cousins total! We also celebrated Daddy's birthday. We loved spending the day with him! Play dates and library story time are still so much fun for us to go to and we love spending time with our friends. You are such a sweet, good boy and have the best personality! I love being with you Rowan boy!

Likes: Standing, cruising, giggling and smiling, peek-a-boo, going for walks, story time, snuggling before naps, mommy singing

Dislikes: Diaper changes, putting clothes on, sitting in the car seat or high chair 

Milestones: Getting down from standing, speed crawling, new teeth

Monthly stats:
Height: 29 1/4
Weight: 22 pounds
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 6-12 months, 9 months, some 12 months
Nicknames: Ro Ro, Row boat, big man, bugaboo 

You are the best boy in the world and I love you so very much! I am so proud of all you do. You're the cutest!

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