July 23, 2013

Seven months!

Dear Rowan,
What a big month it has been for you sweet baby! You seem to have all of the sudden grown up on us between the time of six and seven months and you are mastering all sorts of new skills. It's hard to believe how fast time is flying, but we're loving every single minute with you. (You're actually a week away from eight months since I'm late to post!) You are still the sweetest boy and so happy. I love your giggles and snuggles and every little adorable thing about you!

You are on the move! You started sitting up very well right at six months and soon after you started pushing up onto all fours and rocking back and forth. You can crawl a couple steps! You also try to get to a sitting position from all fours and right now you can get to a lean on your side. You roll all over as well! You like for me to hold onto your hands so you can pull yourself up to sitting. You are still so easy and adaptable and for that we are grateful. You love for us to give you kisses and you try to kiss us back. You are starting to talk a lot more and have found out you can squeal. It's pretty cute! You are babbling too and trying to say mama. You love sitting up in the shopping cart and high chair. You still love your exersaucer and any toys that light up and make noise. You love to play! 

On the day you turned six months, we started solid food. Your first taste of food was bananas and then sweet potatoes. You seemed to like both even though you made some really funny faces. After that we tried avocado, but you were not a fan of that. You've also had baby oatmeal and butternut squash. You also like to hold the spoon yourself. This month you were still going to bed at 7:30 and not waking up during the night, but you were waking up very early - anywhere from 5-6:30, but usually around 5:00 or 5:30. You also got your two bottom teeth this month!

We traveled to Atlanta right after you turned six months and it was for a very special weekend - your baptism! You were baptized on June 2 at Roswell United Methodist Church, where I went when I was a little girl. Your aunt Julie was also baptized there and she was married there too. You wore a beautiful christening gown and it had your name and baptism date embroidered on it. You looked so handsome. You were a perfect angel during the baptism and the minister made it so special and personal. We celebrated with a breakfast before the service at GiGi and PopPop's house and after the service we went to Ray's on the River. We had a yummy lunch and the table was set so cute with personalized placemats and ribbon topiaries, chocolate crosses and little lambs. It really was so special and such a wonderful celebration!

Likes: smiling, giggling, singing songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, playing with the ring stacker toy and exersaucer, snuggling before naps

Dislikes: diaper changes, getting clothes on

Milestones: Sits up, pushes up to all fours, started solids, two teeth, sitting to crawl position

Monthly Stats: (taken at home)
Weight: 19 or 20 pounds
Height: 29 inches
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6-12 months
Nicknames: Bugaboo, big boy, Rowan boy, baby bug, little man

You had a great month and we're so proud of all you do. Thanks for making every day such a happy one! Love you lots baby boy!


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Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I can't believe you're married with a 7 month old. Time flies when you're having fun!! He's SO adorable!

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