March 11, 2013

Three months!

Dear Rowan,
You are now three months old! Since there was not a February 29th this year, we celebrated on March 1st. What a fun month we've had! You have grown into an infant right before our eyes. That's right - you're no longer a newborn now. It's amazing to see the progress you've made. You are such a sweet, adorable boy and it's so fun to see glimpses of your personality shine through. I am so thankful for you and love you to the moon and back! 

You are incredibly easygoing. We can take you anywhere and you are a perfect angel! We go to story time and all sorts of other adventures with our playgroup and have the best time. You continue to smile all the time and still love to talk and coo and have conversations with us. It is too cute! My favorite is when I'm busy helping you in some way, like putting you in the carseat, and I'll look at you and you're just giving me the biggest spontaneous grin. 

You have excellent upper body strength and have no problem holding your head up. You even do sit-ups in your carseat and pull yourself up. You love to sit up in our laps so you can look out at the world! You started rolling onto your side from your back just after you turned two months old. Once you roll onto your side you try to throw yourself the rest of the way over, but you're not quite there yet. Soon! You can bear weight on your legs as well. You have started to drool a lot! You absolutely love your hands now and you hold them together and look at them and put them in your mouth. You also love to bat at the toys on your play mat and grab onto them. 

You slept through the night four times earlier in the month going 7, 8 or 9 hours, but you usually wake up at least once during the night to eat. During the last half of the month you started waking up multiple times during the night when you were going through the 12-week growth spurt. We're getting back on track now!

It was a very exciting month and you went on your first vacations. You traveled to Bonita Springs on Feb. 8-10 with daddy and I and his family for a work trip. Then, you traveled to Jekyll Island on Feb. 16-18 with me, daddy and GiGi and Pop Pop to celebrate our anniversary a little early. It was so fun! You got to see the church we were married in, and even went with us to have dinner at our reception site. It was cold and we had to bundle you up! You also celebrated our anniversary with us on the actual date (February 25th) and it was such a blessing to have you with us to celebrate.

Likes: Your hands, the play mat, singing, bath time, car rides, sitting up

Dislikes: Being swaddled, getting out of the bath, naps in your crib

Milestones: Slept through the night 9:30-6:30 on January 30; Rolled from back to side on February 5; First vacations to Bonita Springs and Jekyll Island

Monthly stats — (my own guesses since we don't have an appointment until 4 months)
Height: 25 1/2
Weight: 15 or 16 pounds
Diaper size: Size 1 and 2 (switched to 2 at the end of the month)
Clothes: 3 month clothes, onesies and pajamas, some 3-6
Nicknames: Baby bug, big boy, Rowan boy

You are the most precious, happy boy and I love you so much! You bring so much joy to me every day and I couldn't ask for a better baby, sweet boy!
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