January 9, 2013

One month!

Dear Rowan,
You turned one month old on December 29! I can't believe how fast the time is flying. It is hard to imagine life without you and it feels like you've always been with us. You are growing and changing every day and we love every precious minute with you! 

You are such a sweet baby. You really only cry if you are hungry or need your diaper changed. You are still breastfeeding and we enjoy that time together. You have gained two whole pounds since you were born! You have had great head control since you were born and love to be held up over our shoulders so you can look around. You tolerate tummy time, but I wouldn't say you love it. You do like to be on your activity mat though, and love it when you kick or make contact with the animals that dangle down. You even reached up and held onto one for a little bit all on your own! Your absolute favorite thing is the birds that hang down from your snugabunny bouncer seat. We play the bird music on there and you look and look at your birdie friends. It is absolutely adorable! You have also started smiling and it is too cute. My heart about bursts when you break into a huge grin for me!

We are making progress in the sleep department. After you turned two weeks old we were able to let you go four hours during the night before waking you to eat and you did well with that. Then, we were able to let you sleep as long as you want and you once slept close to five hours. You do a late night feed, one in the middle of the night and one early in the morning. When you wake up you stretch and stretch and look like a little curled up bug. It's the cutest thing! You take a few naps during the day and the time varies.

You are starting to love your baths! It took forever for your umbilical cord stump to fall off and the doctor eventually had to help it along, but we are all so happy you have now graduated from sponge baths. It really relaxes you. 

You love when we sing to you - especially when mommy and daddy sing together. You coo and you talk to us and make the cutest sounds. You are most alert and awake in the mornings and you wake up such a happy boy. We play in the mornings before you take a nap. You also recognize mommy and daddy's voices and will turn to look at us. 

Monthly stats ~ (height and weight taken at five weeks)
Height: 24.25 inches, 100th percentile
Weight: 10 pounds 15 ounces, 85th percentile
Diaper: Newborn (you are still so skinny!)
Clothes: 0-3 months
Nicknames: Little bug, buddy boy, precious baby, buggie

We love you so much Rowan boy!


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

He is absolutely precious!!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

that is one cute baby!!

Sandra Carson said...

wow he's so cute

Sweet Simplicity said...

He is so long! What a precious cutie!

caknitter said...

Aw, your baby boy is darling!

Glitterista said...

Precious is the perfect word for such an adorable baby. ;)

Sara said...

oh my word, what a precious boy!! I'm just now following your blog but we're twitter friends (I'm pearlsandcurls)! Can't wait to read more from you!

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