September 20, 2013

Nine months!

Dear Rowan,
You are nine months old! It's hard to believe you've been with us on the outside for as long as you were inside my tummy. I can't even believe how fast time keeps flying! I love seeing you grow, but at the same time I want to keep you my little baby forever. You continue to amaze us with all the new skills you accomplish and you are so active and fun. Your smile and giggles continue to melt my heart and I hope you'll always be as happy as you are now.

You are quite the active little boy now! You crawl all around, but you especially love to be standing. You pull up on everything and cruise all around the furniture. You are so quick and very steady on your feet. You let go at times, and can stand a few seconds on your own, but don't have the balance quite yet. You also love for us to walk you around while holding your hands. One of the best parts of this month was when you taught yourself how to get down from standing. Hooray! It's so cute to see you hold on with one arm and then crouch down and crawl away. You still love to explore! You continue to babble and it's just so cute. I love to hear your little voice! Playing with toys is your favorite and you sort through your toy box to find what you want. You also love standing at your Leap Frog learning table and playing. Bath time is also a big hit and you love sitting in the big tub with your bath toys. 

Solid foods are still hit or miss with you. Some weeks you want to eat them and some weeks you don't. I think it's because you are teething and you just don't feel like eating. That's ok, we keep trying! You do like fruit and puffs and toast and some veggies and you love drinking water in your straw cup. You are still not sleeping well this month thanks to those teeth and have been waking up a couple times a night or sleeping until 5. You like to be rocked back to sleep or fed when you wake up during the night. Once these teeth are through we'll get your sleep back to normal. And speaking of teeth, you have four teeth coming in all at once on top! Two have just cut through and the other two are almost through. You are such a trooper! You look like such a big boy now with all those teeth. 

In the past month, you got two new cousins. Aunt Julie, Uncle Jon and Elliot welcomed baby Harvey and Uncle Christian and Aunt Jackie welcomed baby Micaley. You now have three cousins total! We also celebrated Daddy's birthday. We loved spending the day with him! Play dates and library story time are still so much fun for us to go to and we love spending time with our friends. You are such a sweet, good boy and have the best personality! I love being with you Rowan boy!

Likes: Standing, cruising, giggling and smiling, peek-a-boo, going for walks, story time, snuggling before naps, mommy singing

Dislikes: Diaper changes, putting clothes on, sitting in the car seat or high chair 

Milestones: Getting down from standing, speed crawling, new teeth

Monthly stats:
Height: 29 1/4
Weight: 22 pounds
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 6-12 months, 9 months, some 12 months
Nicknames: Ro Ro, Row boat, big man, bugaboo 

You are the best boy in the world and I love you so very much! I am so proud of all you do. You're the cutest!

August 1, 2013

Eight months!

Dear Rowan,
You are eight months old! It's been another exciting month and you are growing, changing and excelling in all you do. You are on the move, babbling and up to all sorts of new tricks. It is so amazing to witness you master all of these new skills. You are still my happy boy and I love you so! 

Just after you turned seven months you started crawling. I may be sappy, but it brought tears to my eyes to see you crawl forward to me for the first time. It's super cute to see you crawl around now. You also mastered getting from a crawling position to a sitting position and then you started pulling up on everything. It was a surprising sight the first time I saw you sitting up in your crib then standing up in your crib. You were so proud and kept giggling every time you would pull yourself to standing in your crib. Now, anytime you wake up you immediately crawl over to the side and pull yourself up and call out for me to come get you. Pretty soon after you mastered crawling and pulling up you started cruising. You cruise all around on the furniture now and especially the ottoman. You do laps around it and you've gotten quite fast. One of my favorite moments of the past month is when you started babbling mama (no connection to me yet). You like to say it while in your carseat. I hear you in the back saying mama, mamama. It's so cute. 

At the beginning of the month I was struggling to get you to eat solid food. You just did not like it at all and I couldn't get you to eat anything. You did like it when I would put fruit in the mesh feeder or let you gum on a piece of fruit. And then finally, something clicked! You started eating solid foods and you've been doing great ever since. Some new foods this month were nectarines, spinach, peas, pumpkin, peach, pear and plums. You love fruit the best. This month you started waking up during the night again. I think it was all the change we've had in your life lately and teething. You started waking just once a night, which quickly turned into several times a night. We did a little sleep training for three nights and you stopped waking during the night for a week and it was great. But, it started up again from those top two teeth cutting through. You still wake up very early, anywhere between 5-6:30. You are an early bird! And like I mentioned, your top two teeth are cutting through. I can't believe you'll have four teeth soon! Your hair keeps getting lighter and longer and you of course grow cuter all the time. 

This past month you traveled to Callaway Gardens in Georgia for the first time. We went for the 4th of July with GiGi and Pop Pop, Mimi, and your great aunt and uncle and cousins. It was so special to take you there since I grew up going there. You loved the butterfly house and the birds of prey show and you looked great in your red, white and blue for the 4th. You also started going to baby gym classes at My Gym this past month with your friends. When in groups, you like to sit and observe first and then start playing and that's what you do at the gym. You do make the cry face when you do the activities, but I think you'll love going once you get used to it. I can already tell you are very focused and dedicated when trying new things. You keep at it and keep working hard until you can do something. At the end of the month, a few of my sorority sisters came to visit and we had a blast with them. We got to go to Winter Park and shop and eat and we went swimming too. You loved them and they loved meeting you! 

Likes: Story time, cruising around the ottoman, Leapfrog learning table, pulling up on everything, bouncing in the exersaucer, singing songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider, smiling and giggling, crawling around, snuggling before naps

Dislikes: Diaper changes, putting clothes on

Milestones: Crawling to sitting position, crawling, pulling up, cruising, top two teeth cutting through

Monthly stats (taken at home):
Height: 30 inches
Weight: 21 pounds
Diaper: 3
Clothes: 6-12 months or 9 months
Nicknames: Buggy boo, big man, bugaboo, Rowan boy

I love you so little boy! I am so proud of all your accomplishments and I am the luckiest in the world to be your mommy. Keep on smiling. I can't wait to see what you're up to next month! 

July 23, 2013

Seven months!

Dear Rowan,
What a big month it has been for you sweet baby! You seem to have all of the sudden grown up on us between the time of six and seven months and you are mastering all sorts of new skills. It's hard to believe how fast time is flying, but we're loving every single minute with you. (You're actually a week away from eight months since I'm late to post!) You are still the sweetest boy and so happy. I love your giggles and snuggles and every little adorable thing about you!

You are on the move! You started sitting up very well right at six months and soon after you started pushing up onto all fours and rocking back and forth. You can crawl a couple steps! You also try to get to a sitting position from all fours and right now you can get to a lean on your side. You roll all over as well! You like for me to hold onto your hands so you can pull yourself up to sitting. You are still so easy and adaptable and for that we are grateful. You love for us to give you kisses and you try to kiss us back. You are starting to talk a lot more and have found out you can squeal. It's pretty cute! You are babbling too and trying to say mama. You love sitting up in the shopping cart and high chair. You still love your exersaucer and any toys that light up and make noise. You love to play! 

On the day you turned six months, we started solid food. Your first taste of food was bananas and then sweet potatoes. You seemed to like both even though you made some really funny faces. After that we tried avocado, but you were not a fan of that. You've also had baby oatmeal and butternut squash. You also like to hold the spoon yourself. This month you were still going to bed at 7:30 and not waking up during the night, but you were waking up very early - anywhere from 5-6:30, but usually around 5:00 or 5:30. You also got your two bottom teeth this month!

We traveled to Atlanta right after you turned six months and it was for a very special weekend - your baptism! You were baptized on June 2 at Roswell United Methodist Church, where I went when I was a little girl. Your aunt Julie was also baptized there and she was married there too. You wore a beautiful christening gown and it had your name and baptism date embroidered on it. You looked so handsome. You were a perfect angel during the baptism and the minister made it so special and personal. We celebrated with a breakfast before the service at GiGi and PopPop's house and after the service we went to Ray's on the River. We had a yummy lunch and the table was set so cute with personalized placemats and ribbon topiaries, chocolate crosses and little lambs. It really was so special and such a wonderful celebration!

Likes: smiling, giggling, singing songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, playing with the ring stacker toy and exersaucer, snuggling before naps

Dislikes: diaper changes, getting clothes on

Milestones: Sits up, pushes up to all fours, started solids, two teeth, sitting to crawl position

Monthly Stats: (taken at home)
Weight: 19 or 20 pounds
Height: 29 inches
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6-12 months
Nicknames: Bugaboo, big boy, Rowan boy, baby bug, little man

You had a great month and we're so proud of all you do. Thanks for making every day such a happy one! Love you lots baby boy!


June 24, 2013

Switching over to Bloglovin'

Happy Monday to all! I have now made the switch from Google Reader.

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Have a great afternoon!

June 22, 2013

Six months!

Dear Rowan,
Oh sweet boy! You are such a joy. You have the cutest personality and it is so much fun to interact and play with you. You and Daddy love to play together and you love it when he throws you up in the air. You smile and giggle and look over at me to make sure I'm watching too. You could not be any sweeter. I can't believe you are six months (actually a week from seven since I'm late to post this). You are growing up by leaps and bounds and I hold my little boy a little tighter each months because time is passing by too quickly. We adore you baby boy!

You are loving being able to move around. A day or two after you turned five months you started rolling tummy to back so now you can do both ways. Hooray! You also started working on sitting up and you're so close - you just topple when you reach for something. You absolutely love to play now! You love balls, and anything that rattles or lights up. You also started playing in your exersaucer and it's so cute how you constantly look over to me to make sure I'm watching you. You look so proud as you play and jump around. You still love your toes and especially pulling your socks off. It's too cute!

You traveled to Daddy's home town, Traverse City, MI, for the first time this past month. It was a long day of travel and you did so well on both flights. You had a fun time while in Michigan and got to visit the Sand Dunes. Daddy put you in the Ergo and took you up to the top. You loved looking around. You also got to visit your great-grandparents for the first time and got to visit with them several times while we were there. Unfortunately you came down with a stomach bug while in Michigan. We had to take you to Urgent Care and to a pediatrician because you weren't getting better, but you were a trooper. You were still your happy self, still smiling and laughing. They aren't sure if it was a bug or something I ate that got passed to you through nursing that upset your tummy, but finally you got better once we got home to Florida. You were such a a good boy on our trip!

Also, this past month you started sleeping through the night on a nightly basis, as in consistently every night! Yay! You were going to sleep at 8:00 and would sleep until 7:00 or so, which was wonderful. Although while in Michigan you started a new trend of waking up anywhere between 5 and 6:30, but that's ok. We were so proud of you! Being able to roll both ways certainly helped. Also, playing a lot more and being more active!

Likes: singing songs together, reading books, rattles and toys with lights and music, your ball, snuggling together, playing in the exersaucer, grabbing our hair and face

Dislikes: Getting ready for nap time, sitting still for too long, clothes going over the head

Milestones: rolling from tummy to back (right at 5 months), sleeping through the night consistently

Monthly stats -
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 18 pounds 15 ounces
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6 months, 6-9 months
Nicknames: Bugaboo, Row row, Row boat, baby bug, big boy

You are so precious to us and we love you so much. Happy half birthday sweet Rowan!

May 7, 2013

Five months!

Dear Rowan,
I know I say this every month, but you keep getting cuter and more fun every single month! You are now five months old. I can't believe how quickly time is flying. My little baby is now becoming a big boy! You still are the sweetest boy and we love seeing your personality start to come out. You are so happy and love to smile and laugh. You have the most adorable giggle! I am so, so thankful for you and love you to the moon and back.

You are on the go now and want to move constantly. You roll over from your back to your tummy any time we set you down and you are even starting to try to push up on all fours. You are so strong! You found your feet this month and it is too cute. You grab onto them and wave them in the air and of course put your toes in your mouth. So fun, and you love pulling your socks off! You are very interested in toys now and will take one from me when I hold it out. You love anything that rattles and lights up. You especially love to play with your ball! You are a happy boy and will giggle and giggle for several minutes at a time. I love it.

Just after you turned four months you celebrated your first Easter. You had your very own Easter basket and must have been a good boy because the bunny brought you lots of fun treats. You wore your first smocked jon jon with chocolate bunnies on it and you were a perfect angel at church and brunch. You also traveled by plane for the first time. We flew by ourselves to GiGi and Pop Pop's house and I was so proud of us. Daddy waved bye bye to us from the gate and we did great traveling together! Well, except for the major blowout you did right after the plane began taxiing out. Ha! We had to wait until the seatbelt sign was turned off and then we spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom so I could clean you up. Oh goodness, it was down to your toes! We had a wonderful visit with your grandparents, great-grandmother Mimi and your Aunt Julie and cousin Elliot. Your Daddy joined us for a few days as well. We had so much fun!

We are still having fun with our friends. We started going to mommy and baby yoga and you love it. You were so relaxed you even fell asleep in the first class! You experienced a little bit of a sleep regression after your turned four months. You were waking up several times a night when you got stuck on your tummy and needed help turning over. We stuck it out and it wasn't too bad. If we didn't get much sleep during the night, you and I would get back in bed after your morning feeding and I'd hold you in my arms and we'd both go back to sleep. I love those snuggle sessions! You are growing so well and it's amazing to see you grow and change each month.

Likes: singing, reading books, your playmat, toys, balls and rattles, getting undressed for bath time, rolling

Dislikes: clothes going over your head, getting stuck on your tummy

Milestones: Found your toes, first Easter, first plane ride, first visit at your grandparent's house

Monthly stats - (taken at home)
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 17 or 18 pounds
Diaper: Size 2 (switched to size 3 just before 5 months)
Clothes: a few 3-6, 6 months, 6 month pajamas
Nicknames: Rowan boy, Row boat, big boy, mr. bug

I'm excited for what next month will bring with you Rowan! Thank you for being the best baby in the whole world. I love you so very much!

April 12, 2013

Four months!

Dear Rowan,
You turned four months old on March 29th! You continue to light up our world and grow cuter by the day. It's amazing to see how much you develop each month! You reached some exciting milestones over the past few weeks and we are so proud. You are the best baby in the world! We could not ask for a sweeter boy.

Once you turned three months old, we moved you to your crib. I was so nervous, but you did great! You didn't even seem to know you were sleeping in a new spot. Also, right after you turned three months, I set you on your tummy and you flipped right over. You did it another time as well. And when you turned 15 weeks you rolled from your back to your tummy. I saw it finally click when you were working on it and you've been rolling back to tummy constantly ever since. You don't like to roll the other way (tummy to back), but you flip right onto your tummy now if we put you on your back. What a big, strong boy you are! We had to stop swaddling you cold turkey the day you mastered this trick because I tried the swaddle during a nap time and you were able to roll over swaddled. You did not miss your swaddle at all and you slept great! Your sleeping really improved after we got rid of the swaddle. We were so thankful for a great transition! You do like to roll onto your tummy while you're sleeping and sometimes wake yourself up, but I just flip you back and you go back to sleep. Otherwise, you look like a little turtle! You began sleeping through the night during this time with very few wakeups.

You are still loving your hands! You love to look at them, put them in your mouth and stare at them. You also are starting to play with toys! You love the toys on your playmat, your red ball, your links and your puppy lovey and you hold onto them and check them out. You have started giggling and it's the cutest thing ever! You still smile all the time. You are becoming a mama's boy and I secretly love it! You love Daddy too, but you look for me and watch me if someone else holds you. You also love to smile in the mirror when you're taking your bath or when I hold you up in the mirror to brush your hair. You are just too cute!

We took you to see the Easter bunny and you did so well! You sat in a little basket next to him and smiled for the camera. You also went to your first golf tournament. You did great until the end when we had to rush you out when you started to cry. No worries, your mommy did the same thing when she was a baby and went to a golf tournament! You looked so cute in your golf outfit. You also went to a mommy and me movie with our playgroup and it was a lot of fun. You did great and seemed to like being in the movie theater. You helped me celebrate my birthday on March 25th and I dressed you up in the cutest bubble and we went out to dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was the best birthday getting to celebrate with you!

Likes: smiling, singing, baths, riding in the car, your playmat, your toys, getting undressed, rolling

Dislikes: clothes going over your head, getting stuck on your tummy, nap time

Milestones: first night in the crib at 3 months, giggling at 13 weeks, rolling over consistently from back to tummy at 15 weeks

Monthly stats -
Height: 27 inches (97th percentile)
Weight: 16 pounds 10 ounces (90th percentile)
Diaper: Size 2
Clothes: 3-6 month clothes and onesies, 6 month pajamas
Nicknames: Rowan boy, big boy, little bug, buggie

You are too cute mister Rowan and we love you so much! We can't wait to see what next month brings. We are so thankful for you and the joy you bring us!

March 11, 2013

Three months!

Dear Rowan,
You are now three months old! Since there was not a February 29th this year, we celebrated on March 1st. What a fun month we've had! You have grown into an infant right before our eyes. That's right - you're no longer a newborn now. It's amazing to see the progress you've made. You are such a sweet, adorable boy and it's so fun to see glimpses of your personality shine through. I am so thankful for you and love you to the moon and back! 

You are incredibly easygoing. We can take you anywhere and you are a perfect angel! We go to story time and all sorts of other adventures with our playgroup and have the best time. You continue to smile all the time and still love to talk and coo and have conversations with us. It is too cute! My favorite is when I'm busy helping you in some way, like putting you in the carseat, and I'll look at you and you're just giving me the biggest spontaneous grin. 

You have excellent upper body strength and have no problem holding your head up. You even do sit-ups in your carseat and pull yourself up. You love to sit up in our laps so you can look out at the world! You started rolling onto your side from your back just after you turned two months old. Once you roll onto your side you try to throw yourself the rest of the way over, but you're not quite there yet. Soon! You can bear weight on your legs as well. You have started to drool a lot! You absolutely love your hands now and you hold them together and look at them and put them in your mouth. You also love to bat at the toys on your play mat and grab onto them. 

You slept through the night four times earlier in the month going 7, 8 or 9 hours, but you usually wake up at least once during the night to eat. During the last half of the month you started waking up multiple times during the night when you were going through the 12-week growth spurt. We're getting back on track now!

It was a very exciting month and you went on your first vacations. You traveled to Bonita Springs on Feb. 8-10 with daddy and I and his family for a work trip. Then, you traveled to Jekyll Island on Feb. 16-18 with me, daddy and GiGi and Pop Pop to celebrate our anniversary a little early. It was so fun! You got to see the church we were married in, and even went with us to have dinner at our reception site. It was cold and we had to bundle you up! You also celebrated our anniversary with us on the actual date (February 25th) and it was such a blessing to have you with us to celebrate.

Likes: Your hands, the play mat, singing, bath time, car rides, sitting up

Dislikes: Being swaddled, getting out of the bath, naps in your crib

Milestones: Slept through the night 9:30-6:30 on January 30; Rolled from back to side on February 5; First vacations to Bonita Springs and Jekyll Island

Monthly stats — (my own guesses since we don't have an appointment until 4 months)
Height: 25 1/2
Weight: 15 or 16 pounds
Diaper size: Size 1 and 2 (switched to 2 at the end of the month)
Clothes: 3 month clothes, onesies and pajamas, some 3-6
Nicknames: Baby bug, big boy, Rowan boy

You are the most precious, happy boy and I love you so much! You bring so much joy to me every day and I couldn't ask for a better baby, sweet boy!

February 5, 2013

Two months!

Dear Rowan,
You turned two months old on January 29th! I can hardly believe it! You seem like such a big boy to me now compared to last month. You are as cute as can be and my love for you grows more and more each and every day. You are such a joy!

You are much more awake and alert during the day now and it is so fun to interact with you. You coo and talk to Daddy and I and we love our conversations with you. You smile all the time! You especially love it when I sing songs and talk to you when I change your diaper. You rarely fuss, only when you are hungry or your tummy is bothering you. You love for me to sit you up like a big boy in my lap and you still love for us to hold you up and walk you around the house to look at everything. Tummy time is not your favorite, but we are working on it! You also love bath time, except when you have to get out.

You have made a lot of progress in the sleep department. When you turned six weeks old you slept for six hours and when you turned seven weeks old you slept for seven hours. You usually average at about a four or five hour stretch, but we'll take it! You were going to bed by 10, would wake up once around 3 to eat, go back to sleep (not so easily sometimes, but sometimes right back to sleep) and wake up for the day between 7-7:30. You're doing great!  

You went on your first outings! You went with me to an ornament exchange (belated) party with my dance friends as well as to a Junior League committee meeting where you met your friend Thompson who was born a week and a day after you. We also started going to Mother Baby Tea through the hospital where we made wonderful new friends and joined a playgroup. (Mother Baby Tea is hosted by two nurses and it's a sort of support group where we get to ask them questions. We also weigh our babies, feed them, and then see how many ounces they are taking in through breastfeeding.) With our new group, we went on lots of walks and out to lunch a few times. My favorite time of day with you is the morning. You are so happy and smiley in the mornings! We have so much fun together and you are my little buddy boy. 

Likes: The bouncy seat, singing, the birds on the bouncy seat, bath time, going for walks in the stroller, the car seat and car rides, 

Dislikes: Tummy time, being swaddled (we do it anyways!), getting out of the bath

Milestones: Social smiling! Longer stretches of sleep.

Monthly stats ~
Height: 24 3/4 inches, 97th percentile
Weight: 13 pounds 1 ounce, 90th percentile
Diaper: Size 1
Clothes: 0-3 clothes, 3 month onuses
Nicknames: Bug, baby bug, Row boat, baby boy 

We love you so much Rowan and we can't wait to see what next month brings!

January 9, 2013

One month!

Dear Rowan,
You turned one month old on December 29! I can't believe how fast the time is flying. It is hard to imagine life without you and it feels like you've always been with us. You are growing and changing every day and we love every precious minute with you! 

You are such a sweet baby. You really only cry if you are hungry or need your diaper changed. You are still breastfeeding and we enjoy that time together. You have gained two whole pounds since you were born! You have had great head control since you were born and love to be held up over our shoulders so you can look around. You tolerate tummy time, but I wouldn't say you love it. You do like to be on your activity mat though, and love it when you kick or make contact with the animals that dangle down. You even reached up and held onto one for a little bit all on your own! Your absolute favorite thing is the birds that hang down from your snugabunny bouncer seat. We play the bird music on there and you look and look at your birdie friends. It is absolutely adorable! You have also started smiling and it is too cute. My heart about bursts when you break into a huge grin for me!

We are making progress in the sleep department. After you turned two weeks old we were able to let you go four hours during the night before waking you to eat and you did well with that. Then, we were able to let you sleep as long as you want and you once slept close to five hours. You do a late night feed, one in the middle of the night and one early in the morning. When you wake up you stretch and stretch and look like a little curled up bug. It's the cutest thing! You take a few naps during the day and the time varies.

You are starting to love your baths! It took forever for your umbilical cord stump to fall off and the doctor eventually had to help it along, but we are all so happy you have now graduated from sponge baths. It really relaxes you. 

You love when we sing to you - especially when mommy and daddy sing together. You coo and you talk to us and make the cutest sounds. You are most alert and awake in the mornings and you wake up such a happy boy. We play in the mornings before you take a nap. You also recognize mommy and daddy's voices and will turn to look at us. 

Monthly stats ~ (height and weight taken at five weeks)
Height: 24.25 inches, 100th percentile
Weight: 10 pounds 15 ounces, 85th percentile
Diaper: Newborn (you are still so skinny!)
Clothes: 0-3 months
Nicknames: Little bug, buddy boy, precious baby, buggie

We love you so much Rowan boy!

January 3, 2013

Style Me Pretty feature

I am so excited to announce that my wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty (Georgia) today! It is such an honor and so wonderful to step back in time to relive those moments. It was the wedding of my dreams! Photography is by the fabulous Brooke Roberts.

Check out the feature here - Jekyll Island Wedding.

January 2, 2013

HANAair dryer!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the HANAair dryer from Misikko. I was long overdue for a new hair dryer so it came at the perfect time! LOVE it!

It has a lot of great features like three heat settings, a cool blast and two fan speeds. It also came with a concentrator. I love the long cord as well! When traveling, it drives me crazy if I need to dry my hair and the cord isn't long enough so I can style in front of a mirror. Not the case with this dryer!

Misikko's customer service also is excellent and they offer free shipping and same day shipping. The hair dryer arrived in a beautiful package with lots of extra treats. So fun!

I received my hair dryer the day I got home from the hospital with my new baby. Perfect timing! The HANAair dryer dries my hair so much faster than a regular dryer, which is necessary with my newborn in the house now. I don't have much time to spend on my hair, so the HANAair is key to quick styling and it makes my hair so smooth. Thanks to this hair dyer, this new mama is starting to feel like herself again!

I would definitely recommend this hair dryer to anyone looking for a new one. It is top of the line! Very professional. Thanks Misikko!

*I was given this product to review, but the opinions expressed are all my own.
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