October 18, 2012

Glitter is golden

I love stationery! Especially when it's pink and glittery and fun :)

I came across these flat note cards on Polka Dot Design and was blown away. Super cute! Would a set of these not make the most perfect gift for a friend? My favorites are the confetti dots and the pink and gold chevron glitter. A handwritten note is never out of style!



October 17, 2012

Maternity staples

I must say, I have quite enjoyed my maternity wardrobe! (Most of the time, lol.) I was lucky to find many stylish pieces to mix and match with and my sweet mom found many cute outfits for me as well. Since I was pregnant through the summer, I was able to get by with shorts, casual tops and dresses (except for work which was a bit trickier). I did pick up a few staples for fall, but it is still in the high 80s in Florida so I have not been able to wear those quite yet. Also of note, I was not one of those people who could get away with my regular clothes. Maternity clothes were a must for me! 

I had the most luck with Gap's maternity line. My store at the mall would frequently put their items on sale, which was great. Everything they had in stock would eventually go on sale. I also picked up a few basic items from Target and recently ordered a few things from Old Navy. I had great luck with all. Here are a few of my staples that I wear pretty frequently. If you are pregnant and want some of these items, check out the sales section online if you can't find them.   

Very comfortable and works for fall.
Loved this top with shorts or white jeans.

I got these in khacki and black.
I wear them constantly!
This worked well for summer, and will look
great with boots and a cardigan for fall.

Looks great with shorts or colored jeans.
Not with denim like pictured! Ick.
Love the color on this one!
Very flattering as well.

This top is adorable on and very comfy!
Old Navy
Love the gold dots for fall!

Old Navy
Great color and great basic top.
Old Navy
Comfy tunic and looks great with leggings.

I heart polka dots!
Great color for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Old Navy
Bough these in a 2-pack.
Great fit and comfortable.

Happy baby bump shopping!

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