August 29, 2012

Bump update: 26 weeks

Thank you all for the congratulations! Husband and I are over the moon and can't wait to meet our baby boy at the end of the year. 

I am currently 26 weeks (26.5 really!) and here is a little update. 

Date night!

Happy to be in Lilly!
How far along: 26 weeks

Gender: Boy!

Maternity clothes: I wear pretty much all maternity clothes. Let's just say my top half outgrew all my clothes before my bump did ;)  I have had great luck finding stylish options!

Movement: It has been so fun to feel and see baby boy kick and move around!

Sleep: I get up once a night for a bathroom break, but have been sleeping well other than that. I bought a body pillow this past weekend and it really has made a difference in getting comfortable.

Cravings: Iced tea and fruit. I could eat fruit all day long. I've given up caffeine, but Starbucks Iced Passion Teas are decaf and I drink and crave those pretty often. My sweet tooth totally went away in the first trimester, but it came back in the second, unfortunately!

Other symptoms: I have had pretty intense back pain. I work a 10-hour day at my office and it is getting so hard to sit all day with my back pain. I've brought in a pillow, so we'll see if that helps.

Best moment of the week: Trying out the bedding on the crib. I hope baby boy loves it!

What I'm looking forward to: A family baby shower this upcoming weekend and moving forward with decorating and setting up the nursery. 

Hurry up weekend! :)


Miss Southern Prep said...

You look so good! I love your Lilly!

Gracie Beth said...

You look so cute in that dress with your bump!

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