January 27, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for spring!
Bring on the bright colors, pretty flowers, outdoor activities and spring clothing!
Only two months to go :)

January 25, 2011

Sweet Serendipity

I love this song Sweet Serendipity by Lee Dewyze.
Very catchy and upbeat!
Must add it to my iPod soon.

"Something's watching over me
Like sweet serendipity"

Definition of serendipity: the effect by which one accidentally stumbles on something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

I would say life is definitely defined by many serendipitous moments!

Wishing you much sweet serendipity today and always :)

January 19, 2011

A girl's best friend

How cute are these magnets from Paper Source?
Bling for your fridge!
Maybe they would even inspire me to cook more often.
It really is the little things that make you smile :)

January 18, 2011

Back in black (pink, really)

‎"So just live, make mistakes, and have wonderful times, but never ever second guess who you are, where you've been, and most importantly, where it is that you are going." — Sex and the City

Hello friends!
I apologize for not posting the last few weeks. Things have been très, très busy getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. I am finally catching up and looking forward to posting regularly again!

A quick recap:
- I spent two glorious weeks home with my family in ATL over Christmas
- Saw several movies, relaxed, shopped, went to fabulous restaurants, read four books
- The bf and his brother/sister-in-law met me in ATL for NYE
- We saw Cirque du Soleil and had dinner at Craft
- Upon returning home to Orlando, the bf and I went to Miami for the Orange Bowl
- Stanford vs. Virginia Tech. Bf is a Stanford alum and his Cardinal won!! Such fun.

January so far:
- Work deadlines/obligations
- Dance practices have begun for our spring show called "ONE"
- Junior League: we are getting a new provisional class on Saturday (retreat day) and we have been preparing/scheduling/organizing like whoa
- And of course a little fun mixed in

It seems that 2011 caught me by surprise!
I feel I am ready to take it on now.
With my best foot (or sparkle ballet flat) foward, here I GO!

Cheers to all.
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