October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Ever since we got engaged at the end of July, we've been planning away. Since the Mr. and I have been dating for four years, we knew we wouldn't want a long engagement. And let's be honest, I had done quite a lot of research leading up to our engagement ;)  I was more than ready!

In fact, we took a tour of our venue only two days after we'd been engaged. This was the only venue I had in mind and it was perfect. It was the only place we looked. We decided to go with it!

After talking with the venue about possible dates, one month was totally booked and another too close to my birthday, so we settled on a date in which all the stars were aligning.

Ever since, the planning has been underway and I feel like the luckiest girl getting to marry the man of my dreams in a beautiful location.

Being a Georgia peach, I knew I wanted to get married in Georgia. However, I was not set on Atlanta and wanted a location that was close by for my Orlando friends as well.

Coastal Georgia is the gorgeous spot and towards the end of February is the big day. It is a beautiful time of year for the area and couldn't be more perfect for a romantic, elegant wedding.

I am so thankful for the support of my parents who have been there for me every step of the way and are working so hard to help me create a wonderful day for all involved. I am also so thankful for my amazing fiance!  

Wedding day checklist: (we were very lucky to get our top choice for all vendors!)
Chapel: check!
Reception venue: check!
Wedding coordinator: check!
Florist: check!
Photographer: check!
Videographer: still deciding.
Ceremony trio: check!
Band: check!
My dress: check!
Bridesmaid dresses: check!
Flower girl dresses: decision has been made.
Wedding shoes: arriving tomorrow!
Rehearsal dinner outfit: check!
Registering: in the process.

I'll be sure to share details in future posts.

We are headed to the venue in November to meet with our florist and do our tasting and cake tasting. Can't wait! And, it's now time to start focusing on the little details and design/decor.

Happy planning to my fellow brides-to-be!


Glitterista said...

Wow, how exciting! You have been so busy and so lucky to get so much done with your first choices. Can't wait to hear details. ;)

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

WOAH! That was so fast!! You certainly have EVERYTHING together! :) Can't wait to see all of your choices! :)

BAH said...

Wow, you are on the ball! I can't wait to see photos, as I'm sure it will be perrrfect!

Sarah said...

This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you that everything is working out!

Miss Lindsay said...

Lots of progress, awesome!!

Emily said...

That is so so exciting! Things are coming along great it seems :) I can't wait to know more details. And lets be honest, I think every girl has done some researching before actually getting engaged... i've been doing it lately!

Annie said...

Seriously you go girl!!! What band did you choose?

And yes I'm so with you on other people just letting us be the bride! Ahh! We shouldn't have to defend OUR decisions! :)

KW said...

You are so on top of things and it all sounds so wonderful! LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!

Kim said...

I love reading about your wedding plans and I L-O-V-E your wedding board on Pinterest!!! Everything is going to be so beautiful! So excited and happy for you and T!!! Miss you grandlittle!

Portuguese Prepster said...

can't wait to hear more!

Princess Freckles said...

You are a bride after my own heart! We had a long engagement, but I had almost everything done 10+ months out from the big day. When you know what you want, it makes things much easier!

The tasting was my husband's favorite part, bon appetite!

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