March 30, 2011

Words for Wednesday



MLD said...

I like that a lot!

daphne (flip flops and pearls) said...

Love this!!

I think I have this pinned on there...that is my newest time wasting website:)

Have a great day,

Portuguese Prepster said...

love this quote!

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Love it. I'm a quote junkie.
One of my favs:
Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the sun on your shoulders.
The best part, I found it in an art format at a festival last summer and it's now framed in my house!

A.D. said...

It rained practically all day at my school and I wish it was sunny!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i have this quote up on my wall and on my fb profile..LOVE IT!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Easter. It's my favorite holiday.

I really want to join a dance studio, but the one here practices too late (I have to fix dinner for the husband!) BUT, I found a place to take some ballet and jazz classes so I'm really excited! I haven't done anything but Zumba and hip hop in ages--it's hard to find good studios in SA, everything is flaemenco or ballet folklorico.

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