December 22, 2010

Good enough to eat!

Over Thanksgiving, my family and I checked out the gingerbread house competition at The Grove Park Inn. What fun that was! Here are a few for you to see.

Ballerina gingerbread

Several masterpieces

My favorite!
This was created to mirror the movie Up.
So adorable.

Grand Prize Winner - nesting dolls.
It was very intricately shaped!

There were hundreds of fabulous gingerbread houses.
It was quite amazing!
If you ever get the chance, definitely swing by and check them out :)


Bursting at the Seam said...

I Love things like this... Gingerbread House Competitions, etc... Thank you for sharing!

caknitter said...

Wow, they are amazing! I remember watching something like this on the cooking channel. Not sure if it's the same contest, but no matter, these people have great talent.

REBrown said...

I used to work in the event planning department at Grove Park.....believe me there is just as much skill in the work behind putting on such a huge competition as there are in the houses!


flip flops and pearls said...

Oh wow, that's just incredible!!

Happy Holidays-

Candy said...

Wow- these are INTENSE! Wish mine looked that good! xo

Preppy Sue said...

Those are amazing!

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