November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

I have much to be thankful for and will be giving thanks today.

Enjoy your turkey, pumpkin pie and special traditions with family.

Now, back to the Thanksgiving Day parade :)

P.S. A very Happy Birthday to my grandmother today! I am so glad she is here with us celebrating Thanksgiving in N.C. We also send our love up to heaven for my grandpa (11/25/09).

November 22, 2010

Headed home

I am so excited to head to Atlanta this morning to be with my family for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to spending time with loved ones, good food, a little shopping, movies and most of all a mini-trip we are taking to Asheville, N.C.

We will be spending Thanksgiving here:

And of course visiting the Biltmore:

I can't wait. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

November 18, 2010


It is no secret that I am beyond obsessed with the Radio City Rockettes. They are my very favorite dancers in the whole world! They visited the Martha show recently looking as cute as ever and performed one of their dances. They even got to make a craft with Martha. Love them!

I can't wait to see them in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!!!

November 15, 2010

Busy times

Life has been tres, tres busy! Lots going on, but I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe it's almost here. I apologize for the infrequent posting/commenting. Thanks for bearing with me!

Here's what I've been up to:

1. Dance rehearsals. Our Christmas performances are only a few weeks away. We are logging tons of practice hours a week to prepare. Yesterday I was there from 1:30 to 7:45!! So excited my parents, sister and grandmother will be flying in to see it!
2. Junior League. I am the assistant chair for provisionals and we are beginning to wrap up the fall provisional period, so lots to do and lots to accomplish/attend.
3. Work. Deadline for the magazine this week-very busy completing it by myself (long story). Will be so happy when I get it to the production stage and its out of my hands.
4. I live in a cute little town that I love, but the commute is starting to get to me. Too much driving lately.
5. Attended a wedding this weekend. It was a picnic theme, very cute. We all got our own picnic basket and there was an old-fashione ice cream man/station set up. Fun times.
6. Absolutely cannot wait to fly home for Thanksgiving one week from today!! It will be a much-needed week off and we will be traveling to a festive spot to celebrate the holiday.
7. Last but not least, a very Happy Birthday to my dad today!

That's it for now. Happy Monday to all!

November 11, 2010

Thank you!

Happy Veterans Day!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the men and women who have served and fought for this great country of ours. Your sacrifices and dedication do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being our heroes!

A very special thank you goes out to my grandpa (Papa) who is in heaven. He was a pilot in the Navy. Fun fact - he was stationed in Hawaii with my grandmother for several years and my mom was even born there (moved back to the States when she was 3 or 4). My grandparents have very fond memories of their time in Honolulu. Thank you Papa and I miss you very much!!!

November 4, 2010

Pumpkin season

I heart all things pumpkin and recently baked up a batch of pumpkin cookies. Yum yum!
Here's the recipe:

Pumpkin cookies
2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup crisco
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup pumpkin

Mix sugar, crisco, egg and pumpkin until creamy. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients. Fold dry ingredients into wet. Whip until smooth. Drop onto cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

3 Tbsp. butter
4 Tbsp. milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup powdered sugar (I recommend more.)

Boil butter, milk and brown sugar for two minutes. Add 1/2 tsp. vanilla. When cool, add powdered sugar.

Enjoy! What's your favorite pumpkin treat?

November 2, 2010

Halloween fun

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! I sure did. It's time to move onto November now, but I wanted to share a few pics.

Below is a house in my neighborhood. They totally transformed the front of their house into a pirate ship. How fun would it have been to trick-or-treat there!?! I wonder what they'll do for Christmas :)

Happy Halloween from the flapper! My great-grandmother, Nannie, was a real flapper. It's in the genes :)

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are soon to arrive. Not sure I'm quite ready, although, I've been hearing Christmas music since the beginning of September when we started dance rehearsals for our Christmas performance. Ha. Tis the season!
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