September 1, 2010

Happy September!

Hi friends!
Once again, I got too caught up in my busy schedule and haven't made time to pop in. Whoops!

In exciting news:
- I ran the Provisional Retreat for the new Junior League women this past weekend with the chair and our committee (I'm the assistant chair) and it went very well! So relieved, now onto their training and other requirements for the semester.
- First JL meeting of the year last night. SO wonderful to see everyone and kick off another wonderful year in the League!
- I'm getting ready to move. Again. Lots of packing and organizing to do. Cannot wait to move into my new place and fix it up! Nine days and counting . . .

The sweet Candy at Candyland tagged me for a quiz. There's no time like the present so here we go! (Changed some questions a smidge and added one of my own.)

1. What is your signature color?
Pink or turquoise. Love both! Although, I am usually found dressed in pink. "Wear pink and make the boys wink!" - Lilly

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
I somehow seem to always lose my bathing suit top. Ha! It's a running joke in my family so my mom and sister always keep a watch to make sure it's secure so it doesn't pop off. Not sure how this happens!

3. Would you ever get anything pierced other than your ears?
Absolutely not! Not into piercings besides my ears. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 12 and was not allowed to get them double-pierced. (Thank goodness.) However, I came home from my sophomore year of college with a new piercing—the top part of my left ear. My bff and I did it together except unfortunately hers got infected and she had to take it out. That's why you don't get your ears pierced at Walmart. Oh, the things we learn at college :)

4. Are you a social bunny or a homebody?
Both! The bf and I have been quite the homebodies lately because a month or two ago we decided we would watch Mad Men and have now watched all the seasons and are caught up with the fourth. We're obsessed! I can be a social bunny as well though and last night was a prime example. I was supposed to be chaperoning a provisional social before the JL meeting but kept flitting all around catching up with my friends inside the meeting place instead. Just couldn't help myself! Too excited to see everyone. Sorry provisionals!

5. Do you want kids?
Yes! I look forward to having a family someday. Most of the girls in my dance troupe are moms and I love their cute babies. I've always loved kids!

6. Are you loyal to your hairstylist or do you try every salon in town?
I was so loyal to my former hairstylist that once I moved to Orlando I would fly home to Atlanta to get my hair done! And see my family of course. I still have not found a great hairstylist in Orlando but have been going to one for about a year now that I make do with. Anyone in Orlando have any suggestions?

7. How many times have you moved in your life?
Technically four times? I was born in Virginia and moved to Georgia when I was a baby. When I was three we moved to a different town in Georgia (still my parent's home today). Then, I moved to North Carolina for college and to Orlando when I graduated. Since moving to Orlando I've moved a lot. This will be my fifth move in four years. Have not had the best luck with roommates. Excited for my next move coming up soon though!

8. If you could plan a vacation with your significant other, where would it be?
I would love to go to Italy with the bf since he is half Italian. Would settle for anywhere in Europe, really! We've been lucky to travel to several fun places together as we both love a good adventure :)

9. What is your dream job?
A Radio City Rockette!!

That's all for now. Play along if you wish!


The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

JL rockkkssss. Our provisional class starts Sept. 11- can't wait!!! Glad you're back! xoxo

QueenBeeSwain said...

you would be an AMAZING Rockette!

btw, you have to tell me that Dancing in September is one of your fav' things about this month... you should plan a benefit or receital around it!


flip flops and pearls said...


I just looked up our Christmas JL shopping event....highlight of my's when I KICKED CMAS shopping in full gear!


The Blonde Duck said...

I want to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. And I love pink and turquoise too! How cute!

Kristin said...

How super cool it would be to be a rockette!

Ally said...

I totally borrowed that quiz!! =) Good luck with the move, and so glad the JL year is off to a great start!!
PS you've been tagged =)

Candy said...

Thanks so much for doing this, had fun reading your answers! We have so much in common. When I was little I wanted to be a Rockette so badly! But I'm not tall enough, sigh...haha! xo

Moonlight Serenade said...

losing your bathing suit top in the pool is the worst!! I hope you have a good labor day weekend :)

Princess Freckles said...

Oh, I love the Rockettes!!!!

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