June 30, 2010

Shades of summer

Orange you glad it's summer?

Orange you glad it's summerFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Oh, sweet summertime.

June 29, 2010

Tuesday twirls

The Pink Tutu is off to do what she does best . . . Dance!

Ready for leaps and twirls and pretty pointed toes.

So ready to dance my heart out—pink tights and all!

Have a lovely evening friends.

June 28, 2010

Fab Finds: Stayin' cool at the pool

It has been quite, quite hot here in O-Town. Total heat wave! To keep cool I have been frequenting the pool so I do not melt. Lucky for me, I spotted some great pool wardrobe additions to add to my current collection.
A Florida girl's gotta have a pool wardrobe you see.

Got this Lilly tunic for just $30.
It's really pajamas, but I think it makes a perfect coverup for the pool :)

Scored these Kate Spade flops for only $15.
A slice of lime-keepin' it fresh!

A perfect pair, if you will.
Happy swimming!

June 23, 2010

June bug

Here are some pretties to share with you, just in time for summer.

Anthropologie: Bitty Beetles earrings $24
Betsey Johnson: Ladybug earrings $25
Kate Spade: Queen Bee studs $65
Kate Spade: Shimmer Skimmer Dragonfly studs $45

Now go catch some fireflies tonight :)

June 22, 2010

A new challenge

A family friend of mine has decided to run in the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and has just about talked me into it. It makes me quite nervous as it will be a rather big challenge. Can I do it? I'd certainly like to think so. I haven't totally made up my mind, but I've started training. I think it will be an excellent new goal for myself. Cross your fingers I can pull it off!

My dad is a runner and has qualified for and run in the Boston Marathon a few times as well as many, many other races through the years. Maybe I've inherited his running genes!? Let's hope so! He has come up with some training plans and is giving me tips so I am glad to have his advice. It's nice to be able to share this with my dad since he might run in it with us as well.

As for the event, it's in October and it's at night—10 p.m. Kinda cool! It will wind through all the parks. When it's over, there's a Food and Wine Festival after party for the runners and friends and family.

I guess I'd better make up my mind pretty soon . . . to run or not run, that is the question :)

June 16, 2010

It was just beachy!

Hi friends! I had a fabulous time at my big's wedding. It was so wonderful to spend the weekend at the beach, see sorority sisters and celebrate.

Sigma Kappa girls!
(Bride is to my left)
Love my older sisters who I looked up to.
They were always so sweet to me!

My date!

My big - the gorgeous bride.

Me and my grandbig Kim :)

Loving the beach theme.

The flower arrangements were beautiful.

One of the best wedding cakes I've ever had!!
Key lime and soo yummy!

It was another great wedding weekend.
I love seeing my friends so happy!

Next up . . . St. Augustine this weekend for a sorority sister's engagement party!

June 10, 2010

Headed south

My Lilly's are all lined up and ready to jump in the suitcase . . .

Tomorrow I am heading to Delray Beach for my big's wedding.
I can't wait!!!
It's going to be a super cute, beachy affair.
The weekend will be full of friends, fun, laughter and sun.
Congrats Leeny!!

P.S. Does anyone have suggestion for good restaurants/fun shops? I plan to hit the beach and do a little shopping in between wedding events :)

June 9, 2010

Old classics

Growing up, my mom, sister and I loved to watch old Disney movies. There were so many great ones that we watched time and time again. Some favorites are:

The Apple Dumpling Gang
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Pete's Dragon
The Parent Trap
Escape to Witch Mountain
Mary Poppins
Babes in Toyland
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

We probably watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Pollyanna the most. Love those! We had most of these on video, but I'm thinking I may need to get the dvds so I can watch these classics whenever I want.

Did you watch any of these?

- Bedknobs and Broomsticks

June 8, 2010

Tuesday twirls

The goings-on in the life of The Pink Tutu:

1. Junior League! Lots of training and meetings.
I was asked to be the Assistant Chair for Admissions/Provisionals, which I am just thrilled about. As a former sorority VP of New Member Education, I think it will be a perfect fit for me.

2. Weddings, weddings, weddings galore!
I've been to three so far, have one this upcoming weekend (my big's - yay!) and have three more, but probably can't attend them all as two are on the same day.

3. Traveling!
Out-of-town weddings plus headed to Traverse City for the bf's high school reunion over the 4th and a family vacation at Sandestin in late July.

4. Shopping!
Gotta have good outfits for all these events :)

5. Pool and movies!
Best ways to beat this 90-degree heat.

6. Disney!
Been to two more Epcot restaurants - Morocco and China. I'd say we're halfway around the world now.

7. Entertaining visitors!
Family friends will be here tonight. My favorite little ones always make me smile. They are a precious 6 year old and 11 year old. Dinner and mini-golf are on the agenda. And Mom visits in July!

It definitely feels like summertime. Let's make it a great one!

June 3, 2010

A bowl full of cherries

I made this dessert for a party recently and it was a big hit. My secret? It was extremely easy to make, yet still tasted delicious.

One can of cherry pie filling
Chocolate cookie dough
White chocolate chips

Press the chocolate cookie dough (I used pre-made) into the cups of a mini-muffin pan so that it covers the bottom and up the sides. Bake. Once it cools, take out the cookie cups and fill each with cherry pie filling. I was able to fit 2-3 cherries in each. Melt the white chocolate chips and drizzle on top.

That's it! So easy.

With a few substitutions, this would make for a great 4th of July dessert. Substitute sugar cookie dough for the chocolate and use blueberry and cherry pie filling.

I served mine up on my Preppy Princess monogrammed plate :)


June 1, 2010

Happy times

I think this picture says it all :)

As you can see, I had a wonderful time at my little's wedding! She was a gorgeous bride and everything was just perfect. I loved the light blue and green theme and there were beautiful hydrangeas everywhere. I was so happy to be part of her special day. Love you little!

Also . . . Happy June!
Sorry for the brief hiatus, but life has been tres, tres busy. After I got back from the wedding, I immediately left the next morning for a work trip to Chicago, which was last week. Many interviews later and my story plus a sidebar have been written. Next up were some visitors. My sister and her husband were in town and we had fun catching up and hanging out in O-town. Memorial Day kicked off the start of a busy, but fun summer ahead!
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