July 16, 2009

Bookworm Tag!

The always fabulous Queen Bee Swain has tagged me to share my favorite childhood book. I cannot pick just one! I was such a little bookworm when I was younger, and still am. My mom would take my sister and I to the library and we would return home with a huge stack of books. Here are some of my very favorite books and series.

Angelina Ballerina will always be one of my most favorite books. She is just the cutest little mouse in a pretty pink tutu and I love the whole gang- cousin Henry, best friend Alice, teacher Miss Lilly and the whole Mouseling family. Angelina teaches us to dream big and be a star. In elementary school we had to dress up like our favorite book characters and I of course was Angelina in a tutu with mouse ears and tail :)

Ballet Shoes is another book I just adored and read over and over. It is a story about three orphans who are adopted and living in London and they train in theater and ballet. Along the way, each discovers their own special talent. The BBC made a movie of this starring Emma Watson from Harry Potter. It was so sweet. The author also wrote Dancing Shoes and Theater Shoes.

I lived and breathed Madeline when I was little. I have a large collection of Madeline dolls and books and my room was decorated in a French style. I was Madeline for Halloween one year, too. I love how courageous and adventurous that little one is. "In an old house in Paris all covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines." I pretty much have it memorized still to this day :)

Betsy Tacy and Tib was another favorite series of mine. It's about three little girls during the early 1900s who were best friends. The series starts out as Betsy Tacy and then in later books Tib comes to the neighborhood. They get themselves into all sorts of fun messes.

I loved Baby-sitters Club as well. I am so impressed by Queen Bee's analysis!! Baby-sitters on Board was my favorite because they went to Disney and on a cruise.

Sweet Valley Twins with Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield was always fun to read. I thought they were so cool. Teacher's Pet was one of my favorites because they were doing ballet.

Loved the Boxcar Children and how they survived in that boxcar and took care of each other.

And, yes. I was a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie. I've read them all as well as The Rose Years with Laura's daughter. I liked the Rose series the best.

Well, there are many more favorites, but I will end the list here. Thanks for the tag and the trip back through childhood lane QBS!

I tag the following to share your favorite book(s):

Anyone else can play too!

*I am off to Atlanta again tonight, but have some posts scheduled. Thanks to Mojito Maven for helping with the spammer situation. Have a great weekend!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Thanks for the tag! I love this post! You have some great ones on your list!

Petunia said...

I LOVED Madeline!

MLD said...

I was definitely a member of the Babysitters Club Book Club so I had the entire set.. and I loved Angelina Ballerina as well!

Tracy-Girl said...

Oh my gosh!!! I LOVED the babysitters club books when I was younger! And... also, the Bernstein Bears! Your blog is adorable... I am new to it, and Love it!

KAC said...

what a fun post! I also LOVED the baby sitters club and sweet valley series!

tickledpink said...

I loved the Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley High and the Boxcar Children books! Those are all good books on your post!

Hannah D. said...

Wow - all of these are SPOT ON my favorite kid's books! I also loved the Lupine Lady. I completely forgot about Betsy, Tacy and Tib, but OMG my favorite thing to do as a kid was build a fort and read those books inside!

AEO said...

The "Shoes" Books were some of my absolute favorite. I, too, read and re-read Ballet Shoes (loved Pauline the best). Did you read the Gemma books by the same author? I enjoyed those as well.

My grandmother bought the entire Boxcar Children series for us in hardcover, and I still love those books. One of my dreams is to read those to my children. Jessie, Violet, Henry, and Ben- wonderful kids, great adventures, great stories, not too preachy or sappy! I love them!

TAG said...

Thank you for tagging me! We have similar taste. Twelve little girls in two straight lines, the smallest one was Madeline!

Pink Maple said...

I'm a little late in catching up on my blog reading, but oh my gosh - I loved all these books. Betsy Tacy was one of my favorite series!

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