February 3, 2009

20 Questions

The always delightful Preppy 101 has tagged me with the questions game, so here goes!

Step 1:  Respond and Rework. 
Answer the questions on your own blog. Replace one question that you don't like with a question of your own invention.  Then add one more question of your own invention.

1.  Make a list of things you can see without getting up. 
Work phone, calendar, bottle of water, my pink phone, cute stationery and an Elon flag pennant I've pinned up on my cubicle wall, past magazine issues. 

2.  Favorite Football Team.
My family cheers for Georgia Tech and Alabama. So I guess I do too!

3.  What are you wearing now?
Dark gray sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress with a fuchsia long-sleeve shirt underneath, black ankle-length tights and black Revas.

4.  What's the last thing you read/are currently reading?
The Chocolate Lovers' Club. I'm headed to the library tonight in search of another good read.  

5.  Who was the last person you hugged?
Ty after he dropped me off at my apartment last night after the Magic game.

6.  What's you current obsession/addiction?
Right now I am addicted to watching the Bachelor, redecorating my room and baking.  

7.  What was the last thing you said aloud?
To my boss: Robin said to call her about verifying when the printer mailed the magazines.

8.  What was the last thing you bought?
Pizza at the basketball game last night.

9.  What are you listening to right now?
Taylor Swift. 

10.  What is your favorite weather and why?
I love spring weather when it's not too hot, and not too cold, so I can wear sundresses all the time.

11.  What is your most challenging goal right now?
Balancing all important aspects of my life. Work, dance troupe, Junior League, boyfriend, friends/family etc.

12.  Say something to the person who tagged you.
Preppy 101 is extremely kind and charming. I love catching up on what she's up to, how her family is doing and the creative projects she has going on. Her comments always make my day!  

13.  If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would it be?
At the beach!

14.  Favorite vacation spot?
Sandestin (Florida)!! I grew up going to this resort and have seen it change over the years to the wonderful relaxation spot it is now. I love everything about it from the white sand beaches to the village with the great restaurants and shops. 

15.  Favorite children's book?
Angelina Ballerina, of course. I also love the Madeline books and Fancy Nancy.

16.  Name one thing you just can't resist no matter how bad it is for you?
Sweets of all kinds! Cupcakes and cookies and brownies and candy. Yum yum.

18.  What was the first tape or CD that you bought for yourself?
Spice Girls maybe? I'm not sure!

19.  Describe your perfect day.
I would wake up to sunshine and head down to the beach where I would read a fabulous book and enjoy the ocean. Then out to lunch and a little shopping would be next on the list, followed by more beach time, a delicious dinner and then a movie or some other fun activity. All with my favorite people!

20.  Favorite accessory?
Headbands, for sure. I love how they can tie an outfit together.

Thanks for playing, I tag anyone else who wants to participate!   


parkaveprincess said...

That PGA show looks like so much fun! and your outfit on this post sounds really cute.

tickledpink said...

Are you referring to the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort? I grew up going there every summer for my dad's convention. We use to stay in the brown and gray condos, and there was a hotel further down where all the meetings an cocktail parties were. I think it was the linkside or something like that. We we go across the street to the beach, or ride our bikes under the tunnel to get there. Then Baytown came up and I love it! It is such a fun place!

Jess said...

Such fun! Thanks for sharing!

BTW, I'm Jess! I found your blog recently through another one (can't remember which, lol). The "Pink Tutu" name caught my eye, lol. I've danced my whole life. Anyway, from reading your blog, we're fairly neighbors... I live in between Tampa and Orlando.

Peppermint Bee said...

Your number 19 is exactly what a perfect day is to me!

QueenBeeSwain said...

I'm with you on not being able to resist sweets! ooh so good!


SassyEngineer said...

I think your outfit sounds so cute! I also think a cupcake sounds so yummy :)

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