December 4, 2008

A True Lilly Lover

Today, much to my surprise I found a story in the Orlando Sentinel about a Lilly Lover! You can find the article here. Check it out, it will make you smile! 
A woman in central Florida, Mary Lane, totally lives for pink and green. She wears Lilly Pulitzer every day for every occasion including work, play and bedtime. She dresses in Lilly from her head down to her toes. The story said she is very excited to celebrate the Jubilee and 50th anniversary, so she ordered the Crown Jeweled Clutch, which is studded with pink, green and gold crystals. Have you seen this? I just saw this yesterday when I received the Jubilee collection catalogue in the mail. Lane has so many Lilly clothes that she has two closets for them all — spring/summer and fall/winter. The closets are decorated with all kinds of Lilly paraphernalia. And of course she has a pink feathered tree that is decorated with Lilly ornaments. The story also includes a timeline of the Lilly Pulitzer brand through the years and very interesting facts. I'll leave you with a quote from Lane about why she loves Lilly clothes — "They make you smile. You can never have a bad day while wearing Lilly." I whole-heartedly agree!!

P.S. My good friend and sorority sister Lindsay from college was the third place winner of the Lilly Lovers contest this past year with a picture from her Lilly-themed wedding and is having a dress named after her. I'm not sure when in 2009 this is happening, but I will share the details when I find out. How FUN that she will have a dress made in her honor!    


Mrs.B said...

I think the lilly clothes are so cute. Thankfully, no store is near me so I save $$.

Preppy 101 said...

Love Lilly, too. How neat for your sor. sis. You will have to buy the dress! :)

hGb said...

so fun!

Kappa Prep said...

Wow, I thought I was obsessed. This woman takes obsession to entirely new level. Though I do LOVE all things pink and green I am not sure I will ever live my life in this manner.

Lilly P. Wannabe said...

I just got a chance to love at the article... that is impressive! I wish I had the funds to afford to where Lilly every day, and lived in a climate that allowed it!

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