December 21, 2008

Just fabulous

Thank you so much Preppy Little Dress for giving me this award! You totally made my day and I am so honored. Everyone stop by her blog and check it out. Recently she has taken up some sewing projects and made some beautiful pillows. Next on her list is a Lilly shower curtain. Thanks again PLD for brightening my day!

The instructions are to list five obsessions/addictions you have, tag back to the person who gave you the award, post the rules and then tag five people to pass the award onto. 

Five of my obsessions:

1. Polka dots. I'll take them any way I can get 'em. On flip flips, on my sheets, on headbands . . . I just love them!

2. Cute/fun stationery. I like it monogrammed, or in cute fun patterns, madras, pink/green, classy and elegant style, cutesy ones, pretty much any preppy style! I like that it represents a little bit of me when I send someone a handwritten note.

3. Christmas ornaments. I'm a big believer in having ornaments that are meaningful. My Christmas tree at my parent's house is full of memories and I love looking at them and remembering what they stand for. There are so many fun and special ornaments out there!

4. Ballet flats. This is my shoe of choice. There are so many fun varieties and they're perfect for most outfits.  

5. Cute boutiques. I could spend hours in preppy boutiques/gift stores because I just love to look at all the fun things. I am beyond excited because a new store called The Pink Chalet just opened up near me and it has Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Toss Designs, Bonannos and so many adorable monogrammed and preppy items. I will be spending a lot of time there :)
I pass the award to:

I am enjoying being home! I've been busy shopping, wrapping presents and baking with my family. Today I got to take part in a demonstration at the Container Store and learned how to make fabulous bows to put on presents. I will try to post about these soon. Tomorrow I am off to my grandparent's house and will be back in a couple days. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas week!! 


The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

Thanks for the comment on my little craft, haha. I'm really trying to get into making things. I loooved all your obsessions- those are so of my many obsessions too! If we knew each other in real life we would be best friends! My next craft is to attempt to make a cute headband so I will let you know how that turns out. :)

Pink Maple said...

Thanks so much for the award!! And I love all your obsessions, they could definitely go on my list too :)

Molly said...

Thank you! Ah, and ballet flats a girl can never have too many!

Jennifer said...

I left you something on my blog!

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