December 29, 2008

Home from the holidays

Hello friends, I am back in sunny Florida! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and loved being at home for a whole week. We spent our time relaxing, shopping, watching movies and catching up. I was so lucky to get many great gifts! My family is so wonderful to pick out just the perfect things for me. I miss being with them already! 
We saw Marley and Me (I read the book on the plane over) and it was so cute! It was sad at the end, but overall it exceeded my expectations. When I was growing up, we had a dog just like Marley. He was a golden retriever named Bo. He ate everything, including a can of Crisco and a bag of fertilizer because he thought it was dog food. Oh my goodness! He would also steal me and my sister's barbies and swing them by their hair. Despite his Marley-like habits, he was a sweet dog. We now have a rescued dog, a black lab named Rory (like Rory from Gilmore Girls). She is quite the opposite of Marley! She is calm-natured, but still likes to be playful. I love being home and seeing Rory and our cats, Griffin and Molly. I miss them already!
Also while I was home I got to meet up with two of my closest friends I grew up with and E. asked me to be a bridesmaid! She recently got engaged and wrote me the sweetest letter asking me to be in her wedding and gave me an adorable wine glass from Swoozie's that said bridesmaid and other cute quotes and was perfectly pink and green. I am excited already! 
So, it was a wonderful Christmas in Atlanta! I couldn't have had a better time. It is back to work tomorrow, but I'm already looking forward to New Year's. And my boyfriend gets back in town tomorrow night hooray! I can't wait to see him!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well! I will be back to normal posting/commenting tomorrow. And to all a good night!


Preppy 101 said...

So, so glad you had a great Christmas!!

Always Pretty in Pink said...

Hi! I just came across your blog. Its really cute!

I had a dog like Marley, too. But instead of eatting fertilizer, he ate cheetos because he thought they were treats. :) That was when we would get the cheetos in a can, and the top metal thing from the can got stuck around his neck. It was horrible.

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